Apr 8, 2017

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Advantages of Shower Wall Paneling

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to finish off your shower or bathtub area, shower wall paneling is an option. It has some distinct advantages over other methods.

The pvc paneling will install much quicker than tile. Regardless if you use the small or large tile on your wall, most showers will only need about three panels to completely cover the walls. This is a much quicker process than using individual small square tiles that will take hours.

Paneling cleans better than tile. It’s a smooth surface that can be wiped over without any grooves to have to scrub between making this process much more hygienic.

Paneling also cannot grow mold in the grout. The big problem with tile is the mold issues. Without grout, there is no chance for there to be mold.

It’s less likely to have to leaking issues with panels. As long as the seals are caulked properly there isn’t much of a chance of leaking. Tile on the other hand can have small leaks in it allowing it to crack.

Shower Wall Kits

If you want to finish off your bathtub or shower area, buying shower wall panels is one option. This will give you individual pieces that you need to put together. The advantage of pvc shower paneling as described by wall jazz india is that you can get pieces that you will need for what could be your uniquely shaped shower area.

An alternative to panels is to get shower wall kits. These will be complete packages of the wall product that you can put together and use. You will have to make sure that you get the right size to fit your shower or tub, but for standard sized ones this won’t be a problem.

A shower wall kit will have to be installed properly. It’s best to follow the directions exactly as well as to use some silicone caulking to make sure that all the seams are completely sealed off so that water does not get behind any piece of paneling which could cause molding or rot problems in the future.