Apr 16, 2017

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Things One Needs To Know About Lower Back Pain

Our spine or often known as the back is a complex combined mix structure of bones, nerves, spinal muscles, discs, joints, ligaments, tendons and the vertebrae. Lower back pain is caused by a variety of problems in any of the structures mentioned and not by a single event. Lower back pain is becoming a common problem and ailment nowadays just likes fever, flu or cold. We are living in a fast pace world which tends us to ignore our health and body fitness or the different signs are the body is giving which demands attention. The spine or the lumbar region is often known as Lower back is an essential and most important part of the body as it combines the upper body with the lower body as also carries most of the body weight. A stronger core and lower back is the key to a happy and healthy body and life.

Most of the people of the world population suffer from lower back pain at one or the other point of time in their lives. Seeing its gaining momentum many institutes have started researches and experiments to diagnose the cause and treatment of the problem. Back solutions clinic is the most effective and accurate ones till date in terms of the results and treatments. The person who is suffering from Lower back pain needs to keep and observe a few things in mind and they are:

  • Did they wake up with the back pain?
  • How to get it treated permanently
  • And moreover is it only you who is suffering or did it happen because of some normal daily activity performed by you.

The various studies conducted shows that the lower back pain does not come with by sudden trauma or doing household work or lifting heavy objects of house and work. It requires allotting of activities to cause lower back pain. And secondly, it is believed that a majority of back pain heals by combining two to three techniques like muscle and a joint exercise with releasing stress and emotional behavior. Basically physical and mental well-being goes side by side. Making back weak muscle stronger help in the faster healing of lower back pain. Thirdly, various research work shows that a self-care and help techniques are the best way to treat back pain as we are the one who knows our body well more than anyone else. The few treatment methods are:

  • Massages – Various body, nerves, joints and muscle relaxing massages are being performed by experts to reduce inflammation from the area and ease and open the nerves and muscles by increasing blood circulation, thus resulting in lower back pain relief.
  • Heat and Ice Therapy – Heat therapy increases the flow of blood in the area, thus releasing essential nutrients and removes waste toxins from the body. Whereas the ice therapy reduces inflammation and swelling and numbs the area, thus providing instant back pain relief.
  • Exercises – Nowadays many new technology equipment and exercises are being introduced in the market. A set of stretching and core strengthening exercises are being recommended as stretching helps in making the muscle and nerves flexible and core strengthening helps in making the core area muscle strong which is very useful as a stronger core is important for healthy body and life.
  • Controlled weight with a balanced diet.
  • Medications, etc.